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Peer-Reviewed Articles & Chapters

*Represents mentored undergraduate


Seitz, B.M., & Blaisdell, A.P. (2021 pre-print; Under review). The modified law of effect explains the partial reinforcement extinction effect. PsyArxiv.

Seitz, B.M., Equita, J*., Tomiyama, A.J., Blaisdell, A.P. (2022; under review). The Perils of Small Stimulus Sets: How Stimulus Selection Affects Generalizability. PsyArxiv.

Logan, C.J., Rowney, C., Bergeron L., Seitz, B.M, Blaisdell A, Johnson-Ulrich Z., McCune, K. (Peer Reviewed Preregistration, accepted in 2019). Is behavioral flexibility manipulatable and, if so, does it improve flexibility and problem solving in a new context? PCI Ecology. 10.24072/pci.ecology.100019



Seitz, B.M., Hoang, I.B., DiFazio, L.E., Blaisdell, A.P., Sharpe, M.J. (2022).  Dopamine errors drive excitatory and inhibitory components of backward conditioning in an outcome-specific manner. Current Biology. PDF.

Gonzalez,V^., Seitz,B.M^., Formaker,R*., & Blaisdell, A.P. (2022). Elements of a compound elicit little conditioned responding. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning & Cognition. PDF

^Equal Contribution. 


Blaisdell, A.P. & Seitz, B.M. (2022). Constraints on learning and memory: A resolution. In M. Krause, K.L. Hollis, & M.R. Papini (Eds.), Evolution of Learning and Memory Mechanisms. Cambridge University Press.



Seitz, B.M., Blaisdell, A.P., & Sharpe, M.J. (2021). Higher-order conditioning and dopamine: Charting a new path forward. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. PDF

Seitz, B.M., Tomiyama, A.J., & Blaisdell, A.P. (2021). Eating behavior as a new frontier in memory research. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. 127. 795-807.

Blaisdell AP, Seitz B.M., Rowney C, Folsom M, MacPherson M, Deffner D, Logan CJ. (2021). Do the more flexible individuals rely more on causal cognition? Observation versus intervention in causal inference in great-tailed grackles. Peer Community Journal. PDF


Logan, C.J., McCune, K., Johnson-Ulrich Z, Bergeron L, Rowney C, Seitz, B.M., Blaisdell A, Wascher CAF. (In Press). Are the more flexible great-tailed grackles also better at inhibition? 9(1).14-36. Animal Behavior and Cognition.


Seitz, B.M., McCune, K., Blaisdell, A.P., Logan, C.J. (2021). Using Touchscreen Equipped Operant Chambers to Study Animal Cognition. Benefits, Limitations, and Advice. PLOS ONE. 6(2): e0246446


Seitz, B.M., Blaisdell, A.P., Tomiyama, A.J. (2021). Calories count: Memory of eating is evolutionarily special. Journal of Memory and Language. 117. PDF


Seitz, B.M., Aktipis, A., Buss, D.M., Alcock, J., Bloom, P., Gelfand, M., Harris, S., Lieberman, D., Horowitz, B.N, Pinker, S., Wilson, D.S., Haselton., M.G. (2020). The pandemic exposes human nature: 10 evolutionary insights. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. PDF

^Altmetric Attention Score: Top 5% of all research outputs

Seitz, B.M., Flaim, M.E., Blaisdell, A.P. (2020). Evidence that novel flavors unconditionally suppress weight gain in the absence of flavor-calorie associations. Learning & Behavior. 48, 351-363.  PDF

         ^Featured Article in Obesity & Energetics Offerings 2/28/20

Seitz, B.M., Polack, C.W., Miller, R.R. (2020). Adaptive memory: Generality of the parent processing effect and the effects of biological relatedness on recall. Evolutionary Psychological Science. PDF


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Seitz, B.M., Polack, C.W., Miller, R.R. (2018). Adaptive memory: Is there a reproduction processing effect? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition. 44(8), 1167-1179.  PDF



Seitz, B. M. (2016). Peaceful primates: The history and function of reconciliation in non-human primate societies. EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 7(1), 113-123. PDF.


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